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Customer reviews for Cubana Waterloo, Waterloo

Cubana Waterloo

48 Lower Marsh South Bank, London

3 out of 5 based on 3 reviews
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2 out of 5
B Carr
Sunday, May 27, 2007

Food RatingThe food was okay Service RatingDidn't like the service Ambience RatingDidn't like the ambience

The evening started bad because the table that my friend had booked was not vacant when we arrived. We sat elsewhere until our table of choice became available in a part of the restaurant that had more light.

We had 2 portions of chicken & chorizo skewers and you get two skewers per portion, one portion of prawn skewers, 2 bowls of fried plaintains and an empanada each. Everything tasted great. My one gripe is that the food is a bit on the pricey side. One empanda costs 4.95 each. They are nothing more than a very substandard Jamaican pattie but where a pattie is more spicey, larger and with flaky pastry their empanda was a bit greasy. We were starving so we wolfed it down and as I said it tasted good. The food bill alone came to 68.00. Too expensive especially when we didn't have desserts.

I have, however had better sangria with more alcohol and fruit, theirs was very watery. I thought it was me until later my friends ordered mojito's that tasted like cold mint tea, there was hardly any alcohol in it.

My other major gripe was how quick the table staff were in removing plates and glasses. We were still eating when they started to clear away plates and my friend was nursing a cocktail when one of the staff snatched her glass from right under her. This is the height of bad manners I don't understand what their problem was because it was late but nowhere near closing time and it's not like they needed the table.

It is very evident that Cubana is taking advantage of the area as there are few restaurants or bars around except for two small Italian restaurants across the road. They would be out of business in any other area with decent competition. The food is nice but pricey and the cocktails are substandard, It was a good night but nothing inspires me to come back.
3 out of 5
Thursday, October 12, 2006

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingDidn't like the service Ambience RatingDidn't like the ambience

Hmm...I've been to Cubana before, and the food was seasoned well. How food should be cooked! (no need to add salt, pepper & tomato ketchup!!!)

I want to plan another evening, and was to send a link to friends via email. Unfortunately Cubana does not have a website, so I have to make do with these review pages.

I was quite shocked at the many negative reviews about the service and the miserable staff!!
I'm quite indifferent. Nothing stood out for me in terms of great or terrible service to compel me to write this review!
I did find it a bit of a coincidence that a reviewer called Geeta has reviewed Cubana on other sites and seems to be the only one who gives Cubana a glowing report.....

Do you work at Cubana Geeta?!!!

I think that Cubana has the local feel....maybe the local pub al la cuba?!!!
Brits need to relax! Soften that upper lip!!! Maybe the patrons' arrogance leave alot to be desired! Cubana is cheap and cheerful! I'd go back!
The food may take a while to come.....so what!! Have another drink, chat to your comrades!!! Meet new people! - The other people who may be also waiting!!!!

Having your bag nicked is not nice, but hey it's your responsibility. This can happen ANYWHERE!

The food was nice, the drinks were potent, the service a lil slow, but not an issue.
Indifferent to the service
The bar was a lil slow, but as someone else pointed out, if the bar staff are crushing mint, what do you expect? I'd rather the fresh ingredients thanks!!

Give it a chance! If you go anywhere with high expectations you will always be disappointed. Go to one of those expensive gastro designer eateries for that!! (With no atmosphere!!)
4 out of 5
geeta sidara
Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

Smallish, friendly place with great cocktails, made with fresh juicies - we had mango and strawberry daiquiris and mojitos which were excellent. Food is also very good value and nicely fresh, plus a different type of cuisine - we had several tapas, mains and cocktails and the cost of was less than 25 a head. Late night live Salsa music was a bonus - we'd go again