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Customer reviews for Hakkasan, Tottenham Court Road


8, Hanway Place, Bloomsbury, London

4 out of 5 based on 12 reviews
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1 out of 5
Thursday, March 12, 2009

Food RatingHated the food! Service RatingHated the service! Ambience RatingHated the ambience!

Sarah reviewer number 10...I quote ''ps the us chef who wrote review number 1 should of stayed at home end cooked his own meal attention seeker!!''

...my dear, you would have been well to have stayed away spent your 120 on English lessons instead of mediocre food.

In the probable scenario that you have not spotted your own grammatical error, it is ''Have'' and NOT ''of''. Sadly money will never buy breeding or good taste! sigh!
4 out of 5
Ahmad Qadan
Friday, December 05, 2008

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

Anyone who gives this restaurant less than 9 out of 10 doesn't deserve to live - or at least take up any space there again because it is a WASTE! You have to book in advance because it is so good. I wrote a long review on Square Meal.
3 out of 5
Monday, April 14, 2008

Food RatingHated the food! Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingThe ambience was okay

My ex husband and I took our daughter here for her 21st birthday at the recommendation of one of his work colleagues.
I thought the ambience was modern, exciting and energetic. However, we were not greatly impressed by the food and did not think it gave credit to the ambience. I personally think the restaurant is overrated and the menu just a bit too busy. We were given a lunch menu with several other menus without little explanation. The waitress was kind and helpful and I could not fault the service she gave to us as first timers, but my ex husband did find a hair in his food and the waitress was embarrased and so were we to be honest (so English of us). We did like the vegetables, glutinous rice and pork ribs. None of us were impressed by the Dim Sum and in fact would go as far to say that we really didn't like it.

Don't think we will be going back again. Cocktails weren't that great either!
3 out of 5
Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingDidn't like the service Ambience RatingThe ambience was okay

Went to Hakkasan with 10 guests to celebrate my 30th birthday. Excellent food at a price but their arrogant company policy means that you are forbidden to take photos in the restaurant because the owner wants to be able to control any images of his restaurant that may appear in the public domain. We only wanted to take photos of our party not the restaurant. The lighting is such that you would not be able to make out the restaurant in any case. It's a shame that we were unable to document this special occasion. It is only a restaurant not buckingham palace!

Incidently it is also company policy not to allow jeans but plenty of people were wearing scruffy jeans and trainers and they clearly weren't stopped from coming into the restaurant and spending money!
5 out of 5
Sunday, October 30, 2005

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

Wonderful dining experience. Great ambience, superb lighting, even the background music was good! Service was impeccable. As for the food......exquisite with excellent combination of exotic yet subtle flavours all beautifully presented.....seafood to die for! Perfect for that 'special' night out. Thankfully a far cry from more typical Chinese cuisine/restaurants where you know in advance what dishes will feature un the 'same same' type menu.... the menu at Hakkasan is innovative and imaginative. Loved this place!
5 out of 5
Wanda S.
Friday, July 29, 2005

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

This is a fabulous restaurant. My one and only experience was with a group of friends who frequented the restaurant. I found the food delicious and the atmosphere amazing. I was definitely impressed!!!!
5 out of 5
Sunday, July 24, 2005

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

Wow wow wow we love this place and enjoy it more every time we have the pleasure in going its like a scene out of sex and the city the cocktails are just devine (my personal favourite being the blue wanda) the food out of this world so good and not a sweet&sour chicken dish in sight and the desserts Mmmm say no more.. the service extremely attentive but not atall intrusive and at 120GBP for 2 including a delightful bottle of sancerre a bargain all in all in our opinion FANTASTIC please try if you enjoy it half as much as us you'll have a wonderful evening!! ps the us chef who wrote review number 1 should of stayed at home end cooked his own meal attention seeker!!
3 out of 5
Saturday, June 25, 2005

Food RatingThe food was okay Service RatingHated the service! Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

went to Hakkasan tonight for dinner.

I explained to the waiter that I was a chef from the US, probably only going to get to eat there once, that I was alone and wanted to try as many things as I could, so if there were enough interesting appetizers, I might be better off doing that, but if the best dishes were entrees, I'd do that because the food was the important thing. I asked if the chef might just choose 4 or 5 of his favorite dishes from the menu; small or large sizes, to give me a good sampling of his cuisine. I mentioned that I eat everything, have had a lot of experience with Chinese cuisine and will try anything no matter how exotic. The waiter told me not to worry at all; he'd take care of it. Here's what I ended up with:

1 x dim sum sampling (Har Gow, Siu Mai, Shrimp/Scallop siumai - 2 of each.)
1 x deep fried soft shell crab
1 x deep fried salt/pepper calamari
1 x deep fried duck eggroll

Are you!*!*ing kidding me???? He just brough them all out at once so I couldn't direct him at all after the first or 2nd dish when I saw what direction he was going - "The deep fryer tasting menu." What the!*!*? And it even tasted like they were using the same oil for all my dishes. By the time they got around to the crab, it was all burned out and dirty. What a prick. I told him I didn't appreciate 3 very plain, very deep fried, very monotonous dishes when I asked for a "sampling," and told the manager that I was far from satisfied with my meal. So you know what they did? They charged me for everything and included 13% gratuity. Thanks a!*!*ing lot, guys. Final bill? $100. Overpriced for the food quality. The ambience makes up for some of it, but whatever you do, don't ask the servers for guidance.
2 out of 5
Thursday, September 02, 2004

Food RatingDidn't like the food Service RatingDidn't like the service Ambience RatingThe ambience was okay

Went there for a special occasion, but found it hugely dissapointing.

The food whilst not bad, wasn't the most exciting I've had and for the price, it should have been a lot better.

The service was rushed, we got our main course two minutes after they'd picked up our started plates. I asked the waitor for help with the menu, but he seemed pre-occupied with his colleagues.

Overall, don't waste your money with this pretentious and sub standard restaurant. I would recommend that you go to E&O in Notting Hill instead.

4 out of 5
Friday, April 09, 2004

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

i will back
5 out of 5
Thursday, April 01, 2004

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

Lunch for six - dim summing all the way - was one of the most pleasant London eating experiences ever. Leave your watch (and your bank statement) at home and let the Chinese Mules kick in while you dawdle through the afternoon with exquisite seafood and wonderful beef dishes. Friendly, attentive service in a relaxed rather than hyper-trendy atmosphere.

5 out of 5
Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

I used to despise the bouncers who thought they decided who entered this restaurant.  This was when the place first opened. Now that they have replaced the door staff with a more polite breed of human being, it is one of the most wonderful places to chill on a Sunday afternoon, although it seems to be getting busier as more people discover it. Book in advance and have a great time. Cocktails, food and service is pretty much spot on. But the main attraction is the restaurant itself. The lounge is like a chill out zone and the main dining room, although can be busy and the tables pretty close together, still feels cosy and intimate because of the clever lighting.