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Customer reviews for Le Gavroche, Marble Arch

Le Gavroche
Le Gavroche

43 Upper Brook Street, Mayfair, London

4 out of 5 based on 10 reviews
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5 out of 5
William McMurran
Monday, October 19, 2009

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

Our second time to Le Gavroche and not our last. Staff could not do enough to ensure an evening my wife and in-laws will not forget. Food is most definitely 2 star as is the service with attention to detail next to none. It was my wife's birthday treat and her comment at the end of the evening was a must for anyone who enjoys fine dining. Thanks to all at the restaurant for a wonderful evening
1 out of 5
Nick S
Sunday, March 01, 2009

Food RatingDidn't like the food Service RatingHated the service! Ambience RatingHated the ambience!

I wont concentrate on the food in this review. Having visited around a dozen times in the last 10 years I can safely say this was the worst food offering I have experienced, but perhaps it was a bad night in the kitchen. The food was merely poor and would not have warranted a review in itself. What was an absolute disgrace, however, was the front of house service. How the restaurant misses Silvano! The staff were generally scruffy and the service bordering on the amateur. In particular the response of the general manager Emmanuel Landre to our complaints regarding the newly created Halibut dish would have been extraordinary if we had been dining in Fawlty Towers itself. After trying to embarrass my wife in front of the entire restaurant we were then invited to leave, with the table theatrically pulled away from us and, with a supercilious smile from Emmanuel, our evening was finished. What a difference a change in the management can make. I don't think you need to be a business genius to conclude what happens if you treat customers this way. In a 2 star Michelin restaurant! My advice to Michel Roux Jr? Change your manager quickly before he damages your reputation beyond repair. Believe me he will do it. What may be entertainment on the TV is totally inappropriate in real life. Emmanuel would do very well to remember that. Of course we would never return even if the meal was offered free. From being great ambassadors for the restaurant over the last decade we now find ourselves as disappointed critics. Le Gavroche now takes its place in the list of pompous, smug, over rated restaurants living on their memories. I also apologize to all my friends to whom I have recommended Le Gavroche so enthusiastically over the years. Time has moved on and its time to find a new favourite. How very sad.
4 out of 5
Loving Annie
Thursday, April 03, 2008

Food RatingThe food was okay Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

I walk into a small entry hall and the hostess immediately takes my coat, as it has been raining outside.

She asks my name, and then a young man guides me downstairs into a large dark room with low ceilings. It is softly lit with recessed can and halogen lighting.

There are enormous arrangements of spring flowers in two wall niches, (gladiola, rubrum lillies, pussy willows and greens) and a large spray on white orchids graces the back of the room.

Upholstered chairs of red fabric trimmed with leather are gathered around round tables with 3/4 length tablecloths.

Everything carries the Le Gavroche logo, from the starter plate, to the silverware with a figure of a chef on the handles, to the black & gold paper that lines the plate of the amuse bouche.

A silver filigree holder keeps the bottled water cold. A cunning triple salt cellar holds regular salt, sea salt and wrapped toothpicks. There is also a small wooden pepper grinder.

A little 12" high golden oil lamp gleams on the table. A silver, three dimensional fish holds six knives, with decorated silver handles and blades.

It is mostly an older crowd in their 50's and 60's, and the assistant manager, Emmanuel tells me that half of them are regulars. By 7:15 p.m. the room is half-full, and the noise level is beginning to be high.

Waiters all have french accents, and are formally dressed in black. Before the restaurant gets busy, they tend to bustle around uselessly, or hover together in small groups, talking amongst themselves.

Salted and unsalted butter accompany the bread basket. I choose a wheat baguette from the five offerings. I only have one bite, as it is lukewarm and somewhat tough. The waiter never asks if I would like to try something different.

The sommelier is a woman, Celia, and she poorly conceals a sniff of disdain when I decline any wines with the meal.

An enormous silver bowl filled with iced varieties of white and pink champagne is brought to the table next to me, where the flower arrangement in the wall niche is so low it hits the gentleman in the head. Given the amount of money it costs here to have dinner, they should not have a table in that location.

Enrico is my waiter, and he explains each dish.

There is a four piece amuse bouche. Two artichoke hearts are hot and mouth-wateringly good, lightly battered and deep fried. Two cold quail eggs rest on a bed of celeriac remoulade and are garnished with paprika.

The first course is a warm spring green salad that consists of artichoke hearts, carrots, sweet onions, mushrooms, chestnuts, and the tinest of crispy croutons, dressed in a raspberry vinaigrette. It is excellent.

The second course is their signature dish. A twice baked cheese souffle in fresh cream is airy and delicious, very light in taste.

The third course is a soft polenta, whixh serves as a bed for a tempura of baby artichokes, red pepper coulis and herb olive oil. Wafer thin bread with a puree of black olives on one side and a mayonnaise of garlic & saffron on the other is sharp and unpleasant.

The fourth course is a vegetable cannelloni filled with ratatouille on a bed of good couscous, resting in butter sauce with a watercress coulis. (It is improved with a little lemon juice.)

This is followed by vegetables stuffed with vegetables, in an overly salty potato-truffle sauce. A baked tomato holds a julienned green vegetable. The spinach mousse with carrots is mushy. There are potatoes with sweet onions. Aubergine is somehow tough on the outside and too soft on the inside.

Overall, the presentation is pretty, but the vegetables themselves are tasteless.

The cheese board has 40 different varieties on it. I choose an incredibly creamy Conte from the french Pyrenees mountains, and a hard Cheran Mont D'Or. They are served with a crispy, thin, walnut-raisin bread, plum chutney, celery and quince jelly.

The first dessert is a fresh pineapple carpaccio with basil mint garnish and a touch of whit
5 out of 5
Sunday, August 27, 2006

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

Ooh, it was mega! I couldn't fault it really. We (me and me Mam) went for the 7 course taster menu, each with it's own complimentary wine. Every course was a fantastic experience. The food was beautiful in it's own right, but with the wine every mouthful was enhanced to a 'blown away' level. The wide array of aromas and taste sensations were just non-stop (I had to slap Mother to abort tears of joy!). A great night and definitely recommended.
4 out of 5
Monday, December 08, 2003

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

A group of us went for the set lunch at 42. This includes a half-bottle of wine so makes the food less than 30 per head. This is excellent value given the extremely high quality of the food.

Thoroughly recommended.

3 out of 5
Michael Harrison
Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Food RatingDidn't like the food Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

Four of us, expecting something special from a restaurant we have long wanted to go to, were greatly disappointed by the standard of cooking. The menu was enticing and each of us could happily have chosen several of the starters and several of the main courses. Unfortunately, they did not, with one or two exceptions, live up to expectation. Of the starters, the sliced scallops were distinctly firm (overcooked) and did not convey a sense of sea freshness (compare with Patrick Guilbaud's in Dublin). The light ginger butter sauce revealed virtually no hint of ginger. The watercress soup with poached goose egg was uninspiring though the foie gras was very good. The presentation of the main courses was not particularly inviting. The duck (shared by two) was carved at the table and, despite the waiter's attempts to arrange the meat and vegetables neatly, the plate appeared cluttered. Having sauce poured over the meat and some of the vegetables, as at a standard wedding reception in a standard hotel, was not at all welcomed in a two star Michelin restaurant. The two snipe were served whole and the breasts were well flavoured but, of course, tiny; the sauce was undistinguished and as the legs are spindly and meatless this was a very expensive serving. The vegetables for the snipe were the same as those served with the duck. The rabbit was the only dish served plated from the kitchen and was cold. An excellent cheese board, good sorbets and ice cream, and an oversweet souffle with a pointless meringue at the bottom completed a very disappointing meal. It must be said, however, that the wine list is terrific, with a good range of red and white wines at 19 to 35 on a list that goes into the stratosphere. I was saddened by the experience, having read encouraging reviews, and could not recommend the restaurant to others.
5 out of 5
Ajay Ramgoolam
Saturday, July 26, 2003

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

If you want to treat your loved one (or yourself, for that matter) to the best meal available in London right now, this is the place to go to.

Entering at ground floor level, you may sip an aperitif while perusing the menu and selecting from the comprehensive wine list. There are some relatively good offerings at the bottom end of the price scale, but this wine list specialises in the great and the expensive, so be prepared to push out the boat. Guests are then escorted downstairs to the main dining room, a relaxing setting in rich green tones, and the extravaganza begins. Many tried-and-trusted favourites remain on Michel Roux's menu and some of the newer dishes are also outstanding.

Many people rave about the service here and it is easy to see why, as dishes are uncovered with a flourish and immaculate co-ordination.

Other places may be trendier or, even, more expensive, but, if you are a devotee of classical French cuisine, none can match Le Gavroche.


5 out of 5
Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

Absolutley incredible the best meals i've ever had in London are in this place
5 out of 5
Rob Moir
Thursday, April 25, 2002

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

I took my wife there on 24th April 2002 as part of her birthday celebrations. The service was excellent - attentive without being intrusive. Even the somelier was complimentary about the wine I chose (although it was not one of the more expensive ones!). The food was absoluely fabulous - we plumped for the 80 ensemble menu and were astonished at the care and attentiveness to detail that each course had had lavished upon it, from the obvious absloute freshness of the ingredients to the perfect accompaniments. How could they produce such wonderful gastronomy at such a reasonable price?
We had a wonderful experience and would thoroughly recommend visiting this truly marvellous restaurant to anyone who appreciates great food and wonderful service in a most comfortable setting
5 out of 5
P Jonvik
Saturday, May 19, 2001

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

The thing about Le Gavroche is that it isn't just one aspect... Just the food or the service, the wines or the ambiance-- Not to mention the utter professionalism... It is the combination-- The perfect blend! It should be likened to a rainbow-- No one color is complete without the other, and the subtle blending from one to the next, creates an indescribable beauty that can only be deemed as heavenly!
A TOTAL dining experience that you can talk about for the rest of your days!