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Customer reviews for The Glasshouse, Kew Gardens

The Glasshouse
The Glasshouse

14 Station Parade, Kew, Surrey

4 out of 5 based on 17 reviews
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5 out of 5
Rob P
Saturday, July 18, 2009

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

Outstanding food and service!

I have returned from a Friday night dinner at the Glasshouse. As ever, a first class experience. The food exceptional (myself the veal starter and pork main, my wife haddock fishcake and lamb). The head waiters / management and staff are always highly professional and very friendly creating the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a Michelin rated meal (relaxed yet sophisticated).

Regarding the "children" situation mentioned by another reviewer, I applaud The Glasshouse for their stance on this. The number of times I and my party have had an expensive meal ruined by badly behaved children on other tables (in numerous restaurants) is significant. I am sure The Glasshouse welcome well behaved children who are a delight to have in any restaurant. It is high time though the irresponsible parents of badly behaved children wake up and realise it is not acceptable to inflict this on others, particuarly in top-end restaurants, and no doubt while they are happily munching away oblivious to the woe they are causing fellow diners.

Well done to the Glasshouse - please keep this a sophisticated, friendly, grown-up restaurant serving fantastic food!
2 out of 5
Lynn Watson
Saturday, July 04, 2009

Food RatingThe food was okay Service RatingHated the service! Ambience RatingHated the ambience!

Not in the same league as Chez Bruce or La Trompette. Some dishes are good, but every time we go there we find a mistake. The head waiter/manager spoiled everything. What an odd choice for a head waiter. He is not friendly and very inflexible
1 out of 5
arjun shankar
Saturday, July 04, 2009

Food RatingHated the food! Service RatingHated the service! Ambience RatingHated the ambience!

Having been to the glasshouse before and had an average experience we thought we would give it another go particularly given the reviews and the fact that they ‘welcomed’ our 19 month old daughter. We decided to go for lunch and come at the end of the lunchtime sitting to reduce any inconvenience to other diners sitting next to a small child.
on arrival the atmosphere was ‘ cold’ to say the least and matters were not improved by the quality of the food! three courses of lacklustre food followed accompanied by unfriendly service. This was particularly sad given that we were celebrating two birthdays both of which were ruined by the experience.
If a restaurant claims to ‘ welcome ’ children then they should fulfill their promise and if they have a michelin star they should maintain the standards that gained it. I would also add that haughty service by stuck up managers does not justify the hefty bill!
as someone who is fortunate enough to visit michelin starred restaurants i would certainly not recommend this pretentious undeserving' local' restaurant which is certainly not family orientated.
4 out of 5
Dr. V Boombatz
Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Food RatingThe food was okay Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

I took my wife here for her birthday in June. We've been a number of times over the years and were really looking forward to it. The service was great - very attentive, not pushy and very professional. The sommelier gave us excellent choices and recommendations to your wine queries and the wine was superb. Very expensive but also excellent. The problem started with the food. My appetizer, a seared tuna was simply too small. It also didn't have the signature Glasshouse touch that we have been used to over the years. The entrees arrived and I was disappointed then angry when I saw the size of my John Dory. It looked like another starter. My wife ordered the Lamb with couscous and it was considerably larger. It also tasted much better than my dish.
I quickly told the waiter the dish wasn't acceptable and they whisked it away and brought me a lamb dish like my wife's, and it was excellent, but not really worth the money. We had the same dish down the road for a third of the price. Overall, the experience left us unsatisfied. While the staff and service were excellent, the food options (no meat option, classic chicken dish) left us wanting. They also got rid of the wonderful scallop appetizer and replaced it with a number of starters that didn't look very interesting. Also, the price was simply too much for what we received, Michelin star or not. I looked over at the next table and the gentleman had ordered the same dish as I, the John Dory. His companion had ordered the cod, which looked huge and succulent in comparison. He looked crestfallen. We won't go back for a while until we see a change in the menu. While it used to be our favourite restaurant, it no longer is.
4 out of 5
John Mc
Thursday, December 22, 2005

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

Ate here at lunchtime with my wife (on her birthday) and 15 yr old son (3 courses @ £29.50 with a choice of 6 dishes per course) which proved to be good value. We found excellent food, great service and decent wine (at the expected 3x markup). The food couldn't be faulted - precise cooking with sympathetic accompaniments. Foie gras and chicken liver parfait was rich yet light. The crisp sea bass ensemble was full of flavour and the slow roast pork belly (demolished by my son) was the perfect dish for a cold day. Deserts are of equally high quality and the cheeseboard (unfortunately not tasted) looked stunning - perhaps next time. Thankfully non-smoking and somewhere we'll return to again.
4 out of 5
Alex Wright
Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingThe ambience was okay

Excellent food let down by poor drinks

The food (3 couse set menu at £35) was delicious. Server warm rather than hot it all tasted great, had interesting textures, and was good to look at. The tuna with ginger and seame in the starter was delicious, but raw, which not everyone will like. The lamb with beans and mash was rich and filling, the sour cherry sorbet was a perfect micx of sour and sweet.

The drinks however... The wine list is outrageously expensive - ranging from £30 to £70 for mainstream wines that cost between £5 and £15 on the high street. A Gin and Tonic was £6.50, a small (175ml) glass of wine was £6-£7. Doubling retail prices on the wine list is OK, tripling is taking advantage of your customers, mulitiplying by four or more is unacceptable.

It's not just the wines: Our coffee was average and the tea, the tea in this posh expensive restaurant was was a Twinings English Breakfast tea-bag on a string! We weren't even given a choice of flavours.

Would I go again? Yes, but to eat only!
2 out of 5
Monday, July 25, 2005

Food RatingThe food was okay Service RatingHated the service! Ambience RatingThe ambience was okay

Ate there this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed my pudding - starter almost as nice. Main course uninspired though. Coupleof quibbles - why provide enormous wine glasses and then only fill with an inch or so of wine. why not use smaller glasses and fill properly - seemd a bit of a pretentious way of doing things. Staff were very nice but found the service very slow. There seems no reason why it should take 40 minutes for a course to arrive. Our table was for 1.30 but we didn't get our main course until gone 3pm and pudding nearer 4pm.
4 out of 5
Doug Goldsack
Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

Probably the best quality restaurant in South West London.

Prices reflect the quality - however this is an excellent restaurant for an occasion.
4 out of 5
Saturday, March 19, 2005

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

My partner and I found this place on the way back from the gardens and we thought to give it a try. It was one of the nicest lunches we had on our trip to England this January. The food was wonderful, the staff was very attentive and it was a great end to a wonderful wintery day at Kew Gardens. I would highly suggest this to anyone.
4 out of 5
Eilis Maher
Sunday, November 21, 2004

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingThe ambience was okay

Great night out!

Good choice on menu and wine list and we opted for all three courses..... topped by the dessert - chocolate sponge with soft chocolate 'heart' accompanied by white chocolate ice cream and chocolate vodka shot -  yum!!

Staff attentive but not overpowering - we made our own decisons about wine!  Only complaint was the proximity of the adjacent tables.

All in all, a great night out as a birthday surprise

3 out of 5
catherine arbuthnott
Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingDidn't like the service Ambience RatingThe ambience was okay

A fairly pleasant lunch of impressive, though perhaps not quite value for money, food was marred by a very rude sommelier who refused to discuss that there might be something wrong with the horrible-tasting dry Tokai. Having treated us like idiots (one of us worked in the wine trade) he then wrote the name down on a card and told us to look it up when we got home in our wine encyclopedias! He then served us our red wine without letting us taste it first and then kept coming up to us to sneering ask if it was all right. The place was full of Sunday regular Kew champagne-swillers over whom he gushed. We should have made more of a fuss but in a full place you can't be discreet about these things. Even if we were wrong he should have taken the wine away without a fuss especailly at the price. Doubt if I shall go there again if he is still there. Pity.

4 out of 5
Monday, April 05, 2004

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingThe ambience was okay

Outstanding food, but bit let down by overpriced and disappointing wine. Sommelier's recommendation of a French 'Gigandon' was a bit of a let down. Housewine probably a better bet.  Definitely place to eat, best in area for food.

4 out of 5
Linda Naylor
Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

A very pleasurable experience.
4 out of 5
Monday, September 16, 2002

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

This is a wonderful find outside of central London with top quality new British cuisine. The fixed price menus are actually not a bad value given the quality of the food. The difficult bit is getting in and then hearing anything that your dining partner(s) are saying. It is very loud. With the two sitting times, you can feel a bit rushed at the early session and the second seating gets louder and louder as the night rolls on. The only solution I've found is to show up early (1845) for your 1900 dinner booking.
4 out of 5
David Parry-Jones
Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

Despite the location being hard to find, the restaurant is a hidden gem, food and service were excellent and good value set menu
3 out of 5
Stewart Aiken
Monday, April 09, 2001

Food RatingThe food was okay Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingDidn't like the ambience

A little overwhelmed by too much attention. Much too noisy. Some drapes fitted to the whole wall of windows
would quieten it down. The wine mark up is up to 400%
4 out of 5
James Willis
Friday, November 23, 2001

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

Excellent food and service in a nice little location. The only downside was an extortionately priced wine list. The price you pay for a good London restaurant I suppose.