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Customer reviews for The Georgian Restaurant (at Harrods), Knightsbridge

The Georgian Restaurant (at Harrods)

4th Floor, Harrods, Knightsbridge, London

4 out of 5 based on 12 reviews
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3 out of 5
Friday, November 09, 2012

Food RatingThe food was okay Service RatingThe service was okay Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

I have come here for the past 10 years with my friends for the Christmas Carvery..Last year I decided to take my husband so he could experience what I have on previuos occasions, unfortunately the carvery was extremly poor, the vegetables cold and selection inadequate. We had to wait whilst items were being topped up, which made the rest of the lunch 'warm'.
I am hoping that this was just a 'hiccup' as I have arranged once again for another 12 ladies to dine with me this Christmas..
Wish me luck !
5 out of 5
Mrs Matthews
Thursday, May 17, 2012

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

I have brought gues'st to Georgian restaurant for our special occasions, and have done for past 20 years,
I have seen prices rise, but with credit crunch that is expected,
My daughters brought me here for my 70th birthday Dec 2011.waiters brought a cake up to to me. singing to the piano playing happy birthday to me. was a lovely supprise.

I brought my friends daughter. for her 50th birthday. with the same delights. plus special offer which I didnt know about
as I had a Harrods card, I paid half price, in Febuary 2012,

My friends is over from Australia, and I am taking her to Georgian restaurant . next week for her birthday. As you have guessed it is my favourite restaurant, get there early is my advise.
all food is hot and freshand delight full to look at. a fan of Georgian restaurant
2 out of 5
Mrs j townsend
Sunday, December 11, 2011

Food RatingThe food was okay Service RatingHated the service! Ambience RatingHated the ambience!

Our party of six ladies ate lunch at the georgian carvery before our show in the west end we were very dissapointed having dined here a couple of times before. The food was not as nice as previous, the main meal was quite cold and all i can say was that i enjoyed the desserts better than the other courses. We couldnt belive the price was now 49 adding our water and wine made our bill 65 a head which we found quite expensive . I dont think we will be rushing back in the near future.
1 out of 5
Claire Taylor
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food RatingHated the food! Service RatingHated the service! Ambience RatingHated the ambience!

Rather disappointing really. Despite reserving a table for my Mother's birthday we were stuck on a cold table right next to the waiters station, so we had all their faffing plus the added annoyance of the constant bleeping from the till... it sounded like they were playing Tetras. The cold starters were dull, the roast was cold and dry and I would have sooner had a couple of nice desserts to choose from rather than a whole load done averagely. I can almost appreciate why they have to charge 42 a head for the carvery lunch, otherwise they'd be getting all sorts of pavement dross spilling in for it, but what we sampled wasn't even worth half of that cost (and that's being very fair). Perhaps they were having an "off" day, but I wouldn't go back. It's a pity Harrods label this restaurant as one of their sophisticated places to dine. Whoever is in charge of dining at Harrods is so far out of touch, it's laughable. Our local Harvester does a far superior carvery lunch for a fraction of the price!
3 out of 5
JimTulip X 4
Friday, October 09, 2009

Food RatingThe food was okay Service RatingThe service was okay Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

Overall a generally enjoyable experience. Pity the beef had a distinct flavour of rosemary and the wine arrived when the meal was just about finished.
4 out of 5
nilgun kishi
Saturday, December 20, 2008

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

Was invited as a birthday treat to this lovely restaurant on the 19th December 2008 with a big group of ladies and their daughers. Spent 3 hours eating a long and leisurely lunch. The food was wonderful, so much to choose from, the staff were helpful and friendly. You will eat until you are stuffed.
5 out of 5
Alex M
Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

I have given it ten, which it deserves. The food, I had: smoked salmon as a first course followed by steak with a mushroom sauce ant chips with tampura the quality of the steak was divine. I am not a big chip eater but these were fantastic though I only had a few. We didn't have time for a dessert or pudding which was unfortunate but we had a late lunch and we were busy. My guest had salmon which was slightly dry but prsentation was great. They had a pianist playing in the background which wholly added to the ambience of the place. The only other complaint though actually worked out for the best was that I ordered a chablis for my guest and the waiter came out with a rather nice champagne the poor waiter offered us the champagne on the house as i presume it would simply go down the drain were it not drunk. All round a good meal, fantastic service and a lovely place.
5 out of 5
Dee Legg
Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

We have now eaten in this resaurant 4 times with various friends and family and have booked again for February 2008. Everyone we take is as impressed are we always are. The food is very good value for money and is always excellent as is the service and friendliness of the staff.
4 out of 5
Thursday, December 20, 2007

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLiked the service Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

Had lunch with a friend on friday14th Dec. would highly recommend this very good value for money cavery - plenty of choice and not too expensive for london.
4 out of 5
Monday, September 24, 2007

Food RatingLiked the food Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

I thought the buffet was relatively good value for money for 35 a head for 3 courses and coffee. I could've had a plate of lobster tails which I'm sure would've come close to that price in most other london restaurants, just as a starter! Service was excellent - polite and helpful, I couldn't fault it.
However, it is a little old fashioned in decor - but exactly what you'd expect from the name of the restaurant!
5 out of 5
Adrianna Reynolds-Nicole
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Food RatingLoved the food! Service RatingLoved the service! Ambience RatingLoved the ambience!

I am a vegetarian and I selected a wonderful Chinese vegetarian tempura (this was some time ago) They were deeply sauteed crispy slithers of aubergine, brocolli, mushrooms and julienne of green beans and carrots, with a sweet and sour tomato based dip. The vegetarian dish was delicately spiced with cajun spices, oregano and bergamot. It was absolutely delicious. I tasted a similar dish to this at Bistro Frere when I was in the Channel Islands.
3 out of 5
Thursday, November 22, 2001

Food RatingThe food was okay Service RatingThe service was okay Ambience RatingLiked the ambience

As long as you get a table at the balcony end, this is a very pleasant place for a long lazy lunch. The food is good(but no better than that), the wines ok (lots of Harrods own) the service always professional, helpful and happy. This is my preferred place to eat if shopping in Harrods.