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Wednesday, July 12, 2000

How To Complain In A Restaurant

How To Complain In A Restaurant
Complaining will help the restaurant in the long-term.

Quotation The one golden rule is this; complain immediately! Quotation
Service in Britain has the reputation of being, quite frankly, poor. Things are not going to improve however until we start to complain a bit more.
We don't mean shouting to staff or whining to friends, we mean politely complaining to the right people about faults with your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The one golden rule is this; complain immediately (not when the bill arrives) and most restaurants will try and resolve the problem quickly with minimum fuss and upset to your meal. Above all don't be shy or bashful - you're paying for a meal to be cooked to your liking and to be waited on, nothing should spoil your enjoyment.

The following are some scenarios you may find yourself in:

1. The Food Takes Too Long To Arrive
What is 'too long' anyway? Longer than anybody else we think. Call over the waiter and ask how long before your meal arrives, as you have waited long enough. If they do not know, ask them to check with the kitchen staff. If the time they give you is not acceptable then you are perfectly within you rights to cancel your order, ask and pay for the bill (if

Finally, if you think you have been treated unfairly, but your complaints are falling on deaf ears. Then of course you can refuse to pay the bill. Follow this up by providing some identification, a phone number and address - this will prove that you are genuine. If you feel threatened into paying the bill, then of course pay it and then contact one of the consumer organisation below for information regarding the small claim's court. You can also contact LondonEats.com and if we receive a number of complaints about the same restaurant, we will not be afraid of publishing this fact on the website.

Oh yes! And if you have a fantastic meal with great service, then give them a tip (at least 10%) and you could even compliment them on it.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Office of Fair Trading
Fleetbank House
2-6 Salisbury Square
Tel: 020 7211 8

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