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Tuesday, June 06, 2000

Eating Cheaply in London

Eating Cheaply in London
Enjoy Cheap Eats in London

Quotation Always read the menu posted outside before going in. All menus must clearly state the prices, including VAT, service charge and any cover charge Quotation
Tips on How to Enjoy Cheap Eats in London

Eating in London can be a little on the expensive side to say the least, especially if you are just visiting and are unsure where to eat. LondonEats.com has put together a simple guide to help avoid any unpleasant dining experiences.

1. If a restaurant is empty at a peak meal time, ask yourself why.

2. Always read the menu posted outside before going in. This avoids you being seated and finding you don't like anything on the menu, or worse yet, that the prices are too high. If the menu is not posted (which by law it should be), ask to see one before deciding to stay. All menus must clearly state the prices, including VAT (value-added-tax is the British equivalent of sales tax); whether a service charge is included and if so, how much; the cover charge; and the minimum charge if there is one.

3. Watch the fine print. A cover charge is per person;a minimum charge is also per person. A steep cover along with a

At LondonEats.com we try to ensure that all our restaurant listed on the website are honest establishments and uphold the law. In fact we have so far not encountered any that do not uphold the law. So, don't let the above points worry you and please ensure you enjoy your meal.

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