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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Top 10 Worst Christmas Foods 2013

Top 10 Worst Christmas Foods 2013

Quotation Before you start your big Christmas online shop - cross these off of your list... Quotation
Avoid these turkeys this year...

1. Nuts In Shell - put away the nutcracker - its dangerous - these days you can buy them already shelled (by squirrels)

2. Christmas Cake - the last straw in over-indulgence could just tip you over the edge

3. Bread Sauce - gloopy and tasteless - so why does it exist?

4. The Snowball - for Grannys only - a slimy yellow cocktail of advocaat and lemonade

5. After-Eight Mints - No! - unless you are doing a 1970s themed Christmas

6. Turkey Carcass - cut the unused meat off, wrap it and ditch the bones immediately - you won't get around to making the turkey stew anyway

7. Mixing Your Drinks - stick to one type of alcoholic drink the whole day, otherwise you will pay (and that rhymes)

8. Shrink-Wrapped Stilton - like a good wine, let it breathe first otherwise it will sweat

9. Brussel Sprouts - sweeter than they used to be - but even better if you fry them with bacon bits

10. Stale Mince Pies - wrap them up once you open a packet or they will go stale - its not rocket science

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